Monday, August 26, 2013

Here there be Dragon*Con!

In a few days one of my favorite events of the year is happening, Dragon*Con!!! And for the first time, I will be there for all of the first day of the con :) For the past 6 years I have snuck out of school early on Friday before Labor day, flown down to Atlanta, and arrived at the con just in time to get my badge before pickup closes Friday night. This year I'm arriving Thursday! I get to enjoy all the Friday goodness! This year I'm most looking forward to seeing George Takei. He was at the very first DC I even attended, but in a reallyreally small room. It was filled to overflowing, and a bunch of us stood outside the door. I remember that he was funny, but also that it wasn't my favorite DC experience. This year they've got him in a big ballroom. I'll have to arrive early, but I should still get a shot at a seat this time :) I have been saving my pennies for the dealer room. That's where I refresh my geek wardrobe (aka, t-shirts) each year. And I've got a handful of other panels scoped out that I will take a shot at. Mostly though, I am looking forward to being amongst fellow geeks. If you've never been the minority (in which case you're either not a geek, or are an extremely lucky geek), go do something where you are, and see how that feels. It's not exactly bad. But sometimes it is tiring. Sometimes I want to speak my own language and know everyone will understand. I want to laugh at all the smart jokes and give people the Spock eyebrow for the dumb ones. And just generally be one of the crowd. At Dragon*Con, I am. One of 50k+ like minded people. I hope to see you there!