Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swords for Sale!

All was so quiet that the guardsman on patrol had dozed off. His horse on the other hand was not so inattentive. He got a whiff of the stranger from a distance and trotted up to him. You can imagine how started the guard was to see his horse being fed a handful of sugar by this nefarious looking stranger.
"Ho there," said the guard.
"How do ye do?" said the stranger. "I be a blacksmith. Knives I sharpen, and swords I sell. I also have one or two things in me pack that your sweetheart would find delightful on Christmas morning."
"Welcome to Castleville!" the guard said. Then yelling up to the archers on the turrets, "Spread the word, there is a blacksmith at our gates. Should anyone need a sword sharpened, or a new knife, invite him to come out."
The archer passed the word along and several residents of the castle came to inquire about his wares.
"Quite a friendly castle you have here." The blacksmith remarked to the guard. "Ye have welcomed me well, and I will stay the season and ply my trade."

Thus the holiday shopping season begins.