Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

As everyone in Christmas town crowds around the beautiful Christmas tree, the big guy himself takes the opportunity to make his Christmas Eve visit. This year Santa has upgraded to a rocket sled! He should be able to get in and out without anyone catching him... just as it should be :)

We hope you've had as much fun with our adventures as as have! Christmas town and Long Live Geeks wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!


Dennis G. Jerz said...

A fitting conclusion.

spline9 said...

You havent posted in months! How's your G1 holding up? My G1's battery got borked so I used that as an excuse to upgrade to the Nexus One and I love it.

Anastasia said...

You're right, haven't posted in months. RL's been keeping me busy. Okay, and World of Warcraft :)

I replaced the battery in my G1 with an aftermarket battery. It's still not lasting as long as I would like. I want a new phone, but I'm not sure I'm going to pay for a Nexus One... even though they look awesome. T-Mobile finally got 3G in my area, so I'm hoping they get another android phone soon that I can upgrade to :)

spline9 said...

Ha. That explains it then! I have not allowed myself to play WoW though I've been very casually playing EVE Online the past few months. It's verrrrry pretty and actually pretty cool.

You're right, the Nexus One isnt cheap but OMG it's like sex. If you happen to see one in RL, dont ask to fondle it or you will be seriously contemplating how to afford one. If you're looking for something cheaper, take a peek at the MyTouch Slide. It's not a huge performance boost to the G1 as the N1 is but does have some attractive features.