Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How I Spent My Summer: G1 Edition

Sorry for the long delay in posting! I think I spent half my summer running in circles, and the other half running backwards. Gotta unwind somehow! :)

While I was traveling here, there, and everywhere, I had the opportunity to put my G1 through its paces. It kept me company while I was waiting for flights in airports, riding in the car, hanging around at my family's house, and otherwise away from my computer. Using my G1 as my primary Internet source for several days at a time was a new experience for me, one which I'm happy to report worked out very well. I didn't experience 'net withdrawal even once ;)

K-9 mail is my friend :) I previously mentioned that I was using it for email with limited success. Since then a couple of updates have been released and I've had no problems at all. Every so often the top left LED on the G1 blinks to let me know I have mail. I can get to K-9 easily from the notification bar, and my new email is there waiting for me. While I wouldn't want to type a 6-page love letter on the G1's keyboard, K-9 adequately handles outgoing mail as well. I would not hesitate to leave my self in K-9's capable hands again should the need to go AFK arise.

I continue to be impressed by the Android web browser. Even after a half hour or more of use it never once gave me out of memory warnings. And given the screen real estate it has to work with, it renders most pages beautifully. I used the browser to find the new location of my favorite New Orleans bakery. (Gambinos!) And to look up times for the Medieval Times dinner and joust in Atlanta.

Of course I couldn't stay away from video games the entire time I was running in circles, and the one I played the most was Parallel Kingdom. The Kingdom's recently gotten some new residents. The traveling monks sell journals in which one's achievements are recorded. The monks will then trade full journals for new skills. Spiders have infested many areas. Killing them is tough, but the silk is worth it. And adventurers will find tougher monsters to do battle with. The thing that really made PK shine during my travels though was all the new areas I visited. I play regularly around my house, but things around here don't seem to change that much. Being in new cities gave me the chance to explore new terrain! Take out new enemies! And see sights far beyond what is available in my usual stomping ground.

I did also get one new app this summer, the G1 version of Documents To Go. So far this is the only app I've actually paid for. I haven't done too much with it yet, but before my new bowling season starts (next week!), I'll be setting up a spreadsheet to keep track of my average. I was a little dismayed that the Android OS did not come with any way to open Word or Excel documents when I bought it, or even give me access to my Google Docs, beyond just being able to see them. That was the only thing I missed when I switched from Windows Mobile. So I'd been keeping an eye on the Android Market, and when Documents To Go showed up, I snapped it up. The lite version is free, but only allows opening and viewing files. I opted for the standard version. It's $30 price tag is a little steep, but I've used earlier versions of Documents To Go on other price tags, and found it to be a great program. I'll report back in a few months about how this version fairs :)

So that's how I spent my summer vacation! How about you? Anyone discover any great Android apps? New video games? Visit somewhere special? Or just spend a nice day by the pool? :)


spline9 said...

Welcome back!

I just had to reset my G1. Wipe it clean. It's been gradually acting funky and the other night it just freaked out on me. I'm really happy that Google keeps all my contacts on their servers so I dont have to bother backing anything up.

Now that it's been wiped, it runs beautifully fast and I remember why I loved it so much when I got it. I just gotta keep from adding too many apps.

BTW: me = aka geeky!

Paula said...

How funneh! My summer project is kinda silly ):