Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on the G1

The short version: I still love my G1! Best phone and mobile Internet device I've ever had!

The longer version:

I do occasionally use my G1 as a phone, and it's been one of the better phones I've had. The speaker is quite clear. Other people seem to have no trouble hearing me. I get a good signal everywhere I go regularly. Occasionally I forget the red button hangs up calls and cut people off, but that's totally my bad :)

As a texter, it out classes my last phone with an alpha-numeric keypad. The buttons are small, but they are well spaced and I rarely miss anymore. When I got the phone I suspected that the "dead space" between the keys would make a big difference, and indeed it has. My last phone had keys which were flush together, and I hit wrong ones all the time.

As a mobile mail device, it works great with gmail and not so great with other email providers. I have pop and imap servers with my main email account (which is not gmail). I tried the built in mail client and found that it was slow to update. I then downloaded the K-9 email client from the Android market, and found that it is a little better. When it's open, it responds well to my instructions and downloads email swiftly. It does not however let me know when I have mail. It might do so for a few hours after using the client, but not indefinitely.

As a mobile web browser, I couldn't be happier! The web client is totally awesome. I haven't seen a page it can't render well. I've never gotten an out of memory warning (which was a common occurrence on my last smartphone). I've looked up products on Amazon, accessed my work's website, checked basket ball scores, and of course referenced Wikipedia, all from my G1 :)

As for the app market, I've found a lot of great apps, but I'm still waiting on others. I would like to be able to access either Google Docs, or word files, on my phone. I have a couple of note taking programs which work fine, but they do not save files in universal formats. I use Open Office at home, word at work, and Google Docs in both places. I would like to be able to save files in a format which will go with me wherever I need it.

As a gaming device, I've found ample games to fill my spare moments with, and some that keep me coming back for more. Two of those I've reviewed already, Coloroid and Parallel Kingdom. More reviews will be forth coming, and hopefully more great games as well :)

The only think I would really like to have right this moment: 3G data speeds in my area. When T-Mobile announced their webConnect wireless USB modem last month, they also said they would be doubling their 3G markets by the end of 2009. At this moment, I'm not holding my breath. I live about 35 miles away from Pittsburgh, and I wouldn't be surprised if we're not on the 2009 list. I knew 3G was going to take a while when I got the phone though. So I'm not complaining... too much ;)

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Clint Fralick said...


Great review. I agree with you for the most part. I don't have a G1 (I'm with Verizon), but every time I've played with one I've been surprisingly impressed with it's mobile web capabilities. Plus, my work e-mail happens to be through gmail, so I don't have to worry about some of the difficulties you were talking about. :-)