Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Great Bread Flop

After my mini bread experiments, I let the bread dough sit in the refrigerator for about a week without touching it. Hard to imagine bread dough sitting around like that, but the cold I was dealing with really killed my appetite. I went back to it yesterday to discover... mold! The top had gotten all hard and moldy. Needless to say, I threw away all of the remaining dough. I am going to thoroughly wash my dough storage container and start a fresh batch in the next week or so.

I did learn one thing from my second bread experiment. The bread machine knead didn't change things significantly. The bread machine had trouble with such a wet dough, it did not appear to be doing much kneading.

I also noticed something else more fully this time which I think is the real key to dough consistency. One night in the refrigerator does wonders for the consistency of the dough. The day the dough is mixed, it is just too sticky to work with. After it sits in the fridge overnight, it shapes much easier, forming a nicely rounded loaf. I think it is that resting time which really "makes" the dough.

I was really disappointed when I saw the unusable dough. I had a fantastic idea for a quick meal that night, that didn't happen! I was going to roll up slices of ham and cheese into a piece of dough, and bake as usual. I predict that that would make an awesome hot sandwich, far better than a Hot Pocket, and probably a lot cheaper!

Next week I'm on spring break. I plan on trying both the hot sandwich idea and making homemade pizzas. I'll take pictures and report back! :)


geeky! said...

We made pizza last night. Admittedly, we used WholeFoods pre-made pizza dough. I thought of grilling a sausage and wrapping it up in some dough with a little sauce, kinda like a bagel-dog... but a, uh, pizza-sausage? It didnt happen, though. Maybe next time.

That reminds me of this old donut shop from my childhood... They had "pizza rocks" which was a bun with cheese, sauce and sometimes sausage or pepperoni inside and some sauce splashed on top. Those were great. Mmmm.

Anastasia said...

Geeky - I have not had Whole Food's pizza dough, but I have bought a number of other things there, and I bet it's fantastic. The pizza rocks sound quite good also :)