Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bond, James Bond

Quantum of Solace was released yesterday, and geek husband was nice enough to bring a copy home for me. I've loved the Bond movies every since I was a little geek, and this one did not disappoint. In particular though, I spent most of this movie thinking: I want that phone!

Bond had, quite possibly, the coolest cell phone ever. It of course had the requisite feature of allowing Bond to place phone calls. More than that though, it acted as an instant communications portal between Bond and MI6. Mid-call, MI6 uploaded data on nefarious characters to Bond's phone. A few scenes later, Bond took pictures of people in a crowded auditorium, which came out so sharp that MI6 was able to use them for facial recognition.

The screen and interface of Bond's phone could file the wishlist of any handheld-o-phile. Details popped off the screen with sharpness that rivals the best HDTVs. It had no noticeable lag when moving from one display to another. The interface was touch sensitive, of course, and with a flick of a finger Bond easily maneuvered through the data which had been transmitted to his phone.

Many times in movies I've looked at a piece of tech and said: That's impossible. This phone experienced speed and clarity that we certainly do not yet have at our disposal. Yet... I can see the "grandfather" of many of these features in my G1. The touch screen interface, the ability to get the Internet anywhere I have service. Bond's phone of the future (without the direct line to MI6!) is coming! We move closer to it every day. Pretty soon we will all be able to feel like Bond, James Bond. (Insert Bond theme music here :) )