Monday, March 30, 2009

Android Games: Parallel Kingdom

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Coloroid, a game I've been playing on my G1. At the time I asked for suggestions for additional games, and two people said Parallel Kingdom. I downloaded it, gave it a shot, and now I'm officially hooked :)

Parallel Kingdom reminds me a lot of the 2D RPGs I loved when I was a kid. (Dragon Warrior was my favorite!) This time though, the map is a real world map, courtesy of Google Maps, rather than a tiled graphic. On this map you will find yourself, a variety of NPCs, trees, caves, and other players. By double clicking on a spot on the map, you can move to a new location. By single clicking, you can interact with creatures and objects on the map. (I recommend not attacking any large packs of animals until you've got your bearings ;) )

The space in which one can move is limited. It's a circle a mile or so in diameter. (No I haven't actually measured, but I should do that!) In order to go outside the circle, you have a few options:
1. Change your real world physical location. This is probably the best option early in the game.
2. Make friends with someone who can invite you to their location.
3. Plant flags, which you can then move to as long as you can see them. You can see flags that are up to a mile or so away. You can also move to caves that you control.
Other than moving, each area responds every 24 hours. So those trees you chopped down will do a Terminator and be back.

This real world mapping brings into play all sorts of cool possibilities. I was 40 miles away from home this weekend when I discovered my first cave. I got some stone from it while I was there, but I doubt I'll be back any time soon. When I get enough resources to build some flags, I look forward to placing them near my home or work, the two places I visit the most often. And I am totally going to build a little house on the location that corresponds with my real life dwelling.

Parallel Kingdom's online guide is a must read for details on the items and monsters in the game. The Parallel Kingdom forums also have a lot of good tips.

If you decide to check it out, send me a message and say hi. My Parallel Kingdom alter ego is named Koress.


geeky! said...

You joined just in time for the upgrade. The previous version didnt have as many options as this one. This version has a lot of very good improvements to it. Although, one thing that I liked was the travel range was a tad bigger. No worries, it still plays well. I'll add ya! You'll have to guess what my name is! :P

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

New to the game, seems pretty fun but can be hard to get around at first in highly populated areas. And FYI all the supposed codes for free food and money are all fake like you probably should assume, they just want to get a food bonus for themselves nothing will come to you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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