Monday, March 16, 2009

Andriod Games: Coloroid

If you have a G1, you've probably discovered the app market by now. If not, stop what you're doing and go check it out! While you're there, don't pass up the games section. Some of them are quite nifty, and everything I've played so far has been free.

My favorite Android game to date is Coloroid. Coloroid starts with a grid of multi-colored blocks. The game is played from the top left. Click one of the 6 colors, and the top left block will change to that color. If you've chosen wisely, that is if you've chosen a color which was adjacent to the top left block, that block will join with the newly colored block. As you keep changing the group of blocks, it grows and continues to merge with any touching blocks of the same color. The goal is to turn the whole screen into a single color.

Coloroid has 32 levels. The lowest level has a board which is 4x4. At each level increase, the size of the board grows by one. The highest level tops out with a 35x35 board. Each lever also has a par, a max number of moves in which to win. I zipped through the early levels pretty quickly, but once I got to board which were 20x20 or more, I was quite challenged. I'm still working my way up to 35x35.

I've played a handful of other Android games, a couple of which I liked enough to review in the future. If you have a favorite Android game, please share it with us in the comments :)


kayl said...

I'm quite partial to Parallel Kingdoms... it isn't much right now, but it has a lot of potential. There is a fairly large update coming this month that should considerably expand the gameplay.

I also enjoy 'SpiraDefenc' and 'Battle for Mars.' DroidDice, while not a game, is pretty nifty if you need any sort of die rolls on a whim, thus making it sufficiently geeky.

Enjoy the blog! Keep it up!

Anastasia said...

Kayl - Glad you're enjoying the blog! :)

I'll have to check out Parallel Kingdoms, and the others you mentioned :)

geeky! said...

Yep, Coloroid is good. And like kayl said, Parallel Kingdoms and Spira Defense are both really good.
Barcode Beasties, Scrambled Net and the classic DopeWars are also worth checkin out. Even Sketch-a-Etch is fun.

Anya said...

I'm hooked on Bloxors. It is a Tetris style game that actually takes me out of autopilot with its changes.

Kiara said...

I am not so familiar with android game. I often play puzzle and hidden object and other Download Games. I'll try Battle for Mars :)