Friday, February 20, 2009

Ten Favorite Shows to Watch on DVD

I love watching television shows which have been released on DVD. I find that the format suits me so much better. No commercials. I can watch one episode or 10. I can stop anytime, and come back. Sure my Tivo lets me do a lot of that, but DVDs are still my prefered format. Some of these I've blogged about before. Some of these I will probably blog about in the future. In no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite shows to watch on DVD :)

Dilbert - One of the funniest cartoon sitcoms on TV. Or not on TV anymore, as it only lasted two seasons. Still though, there are 30 episodes on the DVD collection, all of which I think are great. If you love the comic strip, give the show a try :)

Columbo - Peter Falk was amazing as the detective with the "rumpled raincoat and rumpled face", as one of his nemeses put it. His unassuming stature leads the criminals to believe they are getting away with murder, literally. Yet appearances can be deceiving, and Columbo puts the pieces together every time. The appearance of the show is dated, but the logic behind it stands the test of time.

Stargate Atlantis - This was the show that sparked my adventures at Best Buy. Characters and story lines are interesting and fun. They do a great job with story arcs, carrying them over multiple shows. I particularly get a kick out of the Earth technology which makes its way to Atlantis. It places the show in the current time frame, rather than many years into the future. That closeness makes it more exciting for me. I have not seen many of the SG-1 episodes, and I am looking forward to watching those as well.

Family Guy - The comedy pleases the kid in me, and the references to Star Wars and other pop culture icons pleases the geek in me. Highly culturally insensitive humor. It's funny if you let it be funny. It'll offend anyone who is easily offended.

Star Trek - This is the first sci-fi series I ever watched. I've seen many of the episodes so many times I have the lines memorized. The is one of my favorite shows to watch when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Futurama - I wasn't positive I was going to like this show when I picked up the first season, but it didn't take long to grow on me. From museums full of heads to aliens that poop rocket fuel, if it's funny and ridiculous, it's probably in Futurama. The show only lasted four seasons, but luckily everything I loved about the show has survived in the new movie format.

Mission: Impossible - I am still addicted to this show! I tore through the first five seasons, and I anxiously await the last two on DVD!

The Muppet Show - My memories of The Muppet Show revolve around the crazy muppets and a lot of singing. Seeing it again, I'm able to appreciate the show in a whole new way. The culture references which fled right over me at 5 are hitting the target now. And of course there's still the crazy muppets :)

The Prisoner - Patrick McGoohan was once a secret agent, but is now a prisoner in the Village. As he tries to escape he encounters a variety of bizarre situations. I watched half of this series when a network was running a marathon on TV. It wasn't until three or four years later that I got to see it in its entirety. I'm glad I did, the end is worth waiting for.

Jeeves & Wooster - Dramatizations of many of P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves stories. If you've only seen Hugh Laurie as House, you won't recognize him as Bertie. He does a great job seeing Bertie through all sorts of escapades. And watching these always makes me wish I had a Jeeves of my own :)