Monday, February 2, 2009

Meet kwiry!

About a week ago I discovered kwiry, a neat little texting service. kwiry uses coded text messages to do a variety of useful tasks. The service is free, however as with all texting services, standard text message rates apply.

Some of kwiry's Features
Tivo - The reason I signed up for kwiry in the first place. Text "tivo lie to me", to kwiry (59479), and kwiry will instruct your Tivo to record Lie To Me. This does require a tiny bit of setup. I had to tell kwiry about my Tivo, and choose if I wanted the recording to default to one time or season pass.

Facebook and Twitter - kwiry can update your status on both apps with the text: "status blogging on Long Live Geeks". Setting up the Facebook app was easy, I did it in a couple of clicks. It seems to me the Twitter feature is a tad redundant, but it would save you a text if you wanted to update both Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Netflix - kwiry can add movies to your Netflix queue. The text is "netflix kung fu panda". This also requires a short setup.

tasks - anything texted with the word "task" in front of it becomes a kwiry task. These may optionally have time and date information. kwiry tasks sync with most calendar applications. If I didn't have my calendar at my fingertips on my G1, I would totally take advantage of this.

reminders - the flagship kwiry service. Any text which does not begin with one of the kwiry shortcuts (keywords) defaults to being a reminder. Reminders may be retrieved at the kwiry site. They'll also turn up in your inbox, if so desired. Typically when I need to remember something I text my husband and ask him to remind me. I bet he'd like it better if I use kwiry reminders instead! :)

Use or not?
It seems to me that the best way to describe kwiry is: your mileage may vary. I've found myself out and about a number of times wishing I had programmed my Tivo, so for that shortcut alone I signed up. I probably will not get much use out of the tasks though, and it remains to be seen if kwiry eclipses my husband when it comes to reminders.

kwiry's site is a little tricky to navigate. In particular, the information about their shortcuts is in FAQ form, where the FAQs appear to have been updated multiple times. I would prefer one up to date set of instructions for each shortcut. I found the shortcuts themselves to be quick and easy to setup.

If you're a texter I would say give kwiry a try. If you love it, keep it. If not, no harm done :)