Friday, February 6, 2009

Geeky Valentine's Day Fun

What happens when a couple of geekhearts get together for the most romantic day of the year? Romantic geekiness ensues! Here are some ideas for geeky Valentine's day fun :)

Share a soldering iron with your sweetheart and assemble this LED heart kit. You can share your love through a lovely arrangement of flashing LEDs. When you're done, you will have an everlasting testament of your relationship. Or at least it will last as long as the 9V battery holds out :)

If writing is more your style, these 3D Valentine's Day cards are the perfect way to express your sentiments. These cards have 3D hearts on the cover, which will positively fly off the page with the assistance of the included 3D glasses. The inside is blank, leaving plenty of space for your romantic musings.

If you would rather have matching geek-wear, spend some time at Zazzle creating the perfect geeky t-shirts. If you are caffeine loving geeks, Zazzle also does coffee mugs.

If you and your geekheart like to cook togeather, pick up a set of these heart shaped silicon baking cups and spend some time surfing through RecipeSource together for the perfect Valentine's cupcake recipe.

When I was a young geek, mix tapes were all the rage. Now mix CDs are far more common. Downloadable music makes this easier than ever. Spend some time with your sweetheart in iTunes, or your favorite online music source, and pick your favorite songs together. For an extra special treat, add a couple of music videos to the mix.

As for my Valentine's Day plans, my husband and I will be spending the evening participating in one of the geekiest sports, bowling! We're bowling in our first ever tournament, a Scotch doubles event. I can't wait! :)

Whatever you choose, I hope you and your geekheart have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)