Monday, February 9, 2009

Blog Review: Balance Board Blog

I like blogs. As well as writing in this one, I read a number of them regularly. One of those is the Balance Board Blog. As you might guess, this blog focuses on games and accessories for the Wii Balance Board. I think the balance board is the coolest thing to come to gaming since the Wii itself, and I'm always excited to read the latest balance board news.

The title says it all.
The bulk of the Balance Board Blog's articles revolve around new games which are coming out for the Balance Board. They will give all sorts of information, from initial rumors, to links, to longer articles, to screenshots and trailers of upcoming games. They also cover an assortment of balance board accessories. Every so often they will update us about Wii Fit's availability, and remind everyone about launch dates for popular balance board games. My favorite article on the blog is this one which summarizes all of the balance board compatible games. This companion page for balance board accessories is worth checking out as well.

Read or not?
The Balance Board Blog's articles tend to be short and to the point. They focus more on what is out there, not a lot on editorializing the information. Their reposting of links and trailers makes the blog a good central point for information. They post regularly, and appear to keep information up to date.

I definitely read this blog for information, not for opinions. What I would love to see is well thought out and well written reviews of at least some of the games and accessories they feature in the blog. Currently they write very little of personal experience with any of them. News is certainly important, but often it's the reviews that help me the most when making decisions about buying games. If they became a trustworthy review source, they would really stand out in my mind.

As it stands now, I'll keep reading the Balance Board Blog, but I'll also keep going to Metacritic and other sites for more information! :)