Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunch Works: The Shrimp Secret plus Quick Recipes

I am about to reveal one of my biggest lunch secrets: how it is that I bring shrimp to work so frequently. The answer lies frozen... frozen in big bags of peeled, ready to cook shrimp! :)

One of my freezer staples is frozen shrimp. I usually get it from Sam's Club, but I've also seen them at Costco. I buy the uncooked variety, but you can also get already cooked shrimp if you prefer. To prepare the frozen shrimp, take out as many as you want to cook and put them in a bowl. Cover with cold water and let the shrimp rest until thawed. This takes about 15 minutes or so. After they are thawed, I rinse with more cold water, and pull the tails off. You can cook shrimp with the tails on, but I prefer to remove them before cooking.

The secret to working with peeled shrimp is do not boil it! Shrimp just doesn't retain a lot of flavor when it is boiled out of its shell. Methods such as sauteing and stir frying produce a much better flavor in peeled shrimp. Or you can cook them in a sauce, where the sauce provides some of the flavor.

Some of my favorite quick shrimp recipes:
Saute shrimp with marinated artichokes (the kind in olive oil). When the shrimp are cooked, stir in some cooked pasta. Great by itself or topped with Parmesan cheese.

Saute shrimp, add vodka sauce (creamy tomato sauce), stir in cooked pasta. When tomatoes are in season, I saute a chopped tomato with the shrimp. This is the closest I can get to a pasta dish I used to get from one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans.

Stir fry whatever veggies you have available, add shrimp when the veg is mostly cooked (shrimp cook faster than vegetables), season with soy sauce.

Saute shrimp and serve with cheesie rice. Cheesie rice = cooked rice mixed with Rotel(tm) dip.

Saute shrimp and use as a baked potato topping. Great with cheese!

Use shrimp as an omelet filling.

So now everyone knows my secret, and how easy some of my recipes are! If you have any shrimp recipes to share, quick or other wise, feel free to post them in the comments :)


geeky! said...

Damn, I just ate and now I'm hungry again.

Ok, I may as well participate;

Saute shrimp with a really small piece of salmon with pepper and garlic salt. Place on top of angel hair pasta (al dente, of course!) with butter (and/or olive oil) and garlic salt. Add a squirt of lemon if desired.

Anastasia said...

Sounds yummy!