Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life Connected

Our net access is currently out while our cable company does maintenance. So once again I find myself blogging from my G1. It also brings to my attention exactly how much I rely on my net connection.

If I wanted to talk to my best friend right now, I would see if he's awake on Google Talk or Second Life. Sure I could call him, but it's a pretty good bet that if he's available to talk, he will be in one of those two places. I turn to email and Facebook when trying to reach the rest of my friends.

I know people still read newspapers and watch news on TV. I have not done either in a good 10 years. A big news event could break tonight and I would have no idea it happened! I typically get the weather forecast online too. I'll have to figure out where the Weather Channel is on TV sometime tonight.

It is a good thing I did not have plans to cook anything new tonight. The Internet is the world's biggest cookbook, and the first place I look for new recipes. I use the web as my phone book, my dictionary, and my encyclopedia, for movie schedules, and to find out when the Penguins are playing.

I am sure I will survive my little hiatus from the information superhighway, so long as it's brief... and so long as I have my G1 to fill in the blanks!

(Edited to add all of the links.)


geeky! said...

I forefit cable TV for faster internet speeds and cannot get OTA channels due to my close proximity to tall hills so I'm totally with you on *everything* you mentioned above ('cept the Penguins games).
I think I may <3 my G1 as much as you!

Anastasia said...

I think the only thing that would make my G1 better is if we had 3G in my area. Every time I look, I find new things to do with it :)

kayl said...

Why was this my exact situation a few months ago prior to my getting a new computer? Granted, I still watched 'Heroes' and occasionally 'Smallville' at the time, my G1 and the internet @ work were my portals to the outside world.

geeky! said...

Anastasia, I feel your pain. I am maybe 3 miles outside the Los Angeles 3G network. SOOO CLOSE!

Although, with faster connectivity, it usually means I need more storage space. Maybe its a blessing in disguise?