Monday, January 19, 2009

Bento Gear!

A few weeks before Christmas I donated $20 to Menu for Hope 5. Menu for Hope is a fund raising campaign that's promoted and run by bloggers, in particular, food bloggers. A bunch of bloggers get together and offer prizes related to their blogs. Anyone who donates money gets raffle tickets for the prizes, $10 donation per ticket. Upon donating we also get the chance to choose which drawing our tickets go in.

This is the type of fund raising drive that I am happy to donate money to. The whole thing is conducted online. No one is sending dead tree mail, or even solicitation emails. Word travels across hundreds of blogs. In other words, it is quite a geeky campaign. Blogs who want to participate are invited to donate a prize, and prize list is totally awesome. Yet my first thought was this was a worthwhile cause for my $20. If I win, that's pretty cool. Either way, they get a little further ahead.

I was very excited to find out that I did win a prize! :) This set of bento gear from the blog Lunch in a Box. I have never had real bento boxes before. All of mine are boring plastic containers, not cute pink and red ones! And I may have to take pancakes to work one day, just so I can show off the Hello Kitty pancake ring. The cuteness factor of my lunches just went up by a good 200% :)


Joshua Sasmor said...

This I _have_ to see...

Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty pancakes? That reminds me of when my sister and I used to ask dad to make us different shaped pancakes. For example, make me a pancake that looks like a dinosaur. Of course he didn't have any fancy gadgetry; he just had to pour it in the right shape