Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Favorite Hidden Object Games

One of my guilty pastimes is playing hidden object games. Hidden object games are a lot like Where's Waldo books. The goal is to find a list of objects, hidden in a complicated picture.

I get most of my hidden object games from Big Fish Games. I've downloaded casual games from a number of different places. Big Fish is the one I turn to the most. They roll out a new game every day. Some are great, some are duds, but either way their game library grows fast. You get a 1-hour free trial for most games (all but the games with large downloads). I think the trials are the best way to find out if I like a game like this or not. Sure I could read reviews, but when it's something I'm going to finish in 10-20 hours, it's not worth it. Big Fish also has very reasonable prices if you're willing to join one of their game clubs. The game clubs involve a purchase commitment (3, 6, or 12 games, one per month), but I've found mine to be worth it.

10 of My Favorite Hidden Object Games
Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket is my favorite traditional hidden object game. This one has great pictures to search through, with tons of hidden items. It has a medium level of difficulty. It has a few side games, which are all pretty straightforward. Play this one for the hidden object part, not the rest. While solving the mystery you get to unlock the unlimited seek and find mode where you get to find all of the objects in each of the pictures. I've played through this one many times. I also had a lot of fun with the second game in the series, The Vegas Heist. I have not yet played the newest Mystery P.I. game, The New York Fortune. I hope it lives up to its predecessors!

Mystery Case Files: Madam Fate, Ravenhearst, and Return to Ravenhearst are a more challenging breed of hidden object games. These involve a variety of puzzles in addition to the hidden object elements. I found the puzzles varied in difficulty, in part due to my familiarity (or lack there of) with many of them. They all have great hidden object pictures as well. Return to Ravenhearst is the newest, and most challenging, of the three.

The Hidden Expedition series of hidden object games is something in between the Mystery P.I. series and the Mystery Case Files series. I've played Hidden Expedition: Amazon and Hidden Expedition: Everest. These do have a variety of puzzles in addition to the hidden object elements, but not as many as the Mystery Case Files games. I would consider these to be a good bridge between the two, for someone trying to transition to more difficult puzzle games.

Occasionally a hidden object game manages to surprise me. Magic Academy falls into that category. Most hidden object games have some sort of separation between the hidden object part and any additional puzzles. This game integrates the two. I really enjoyed this change. I hope they make a sequel soon :)

Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville was fun, if short. The premise of Hidden Treasures is that you are trying to decorate a house with items found a yard sales. Many of the items need to be refurbished, which is done in several simple mini games. I blew through this one in a few days, I liked it enough to play a sequel though if another is released.

Lastly, The Hidden Object Show is a fun, lighthearted hidden object game. This one is wrapped around a game show theme. Solving hidden object puzzles wins the player points in the game show. You pretty much lose out on story lines here, but the hidden object games are still fun.

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geeky! said...

You may enjoy this.
Its a photo-hunt game using the comment system on youtube. Very interesting implementation of the feature.

Anastasia said...

That was awesome :) I did pretty well until level 22, then the time limit got me good. I'll have to spend some time with the rest of it later :)