Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 5 Geek Moments of 2008

As the year winds down, here are my five most favorite geek moments from 2008. Please feel free to share some of your favorite geek moments in the comments!

5. Playing Hellgate: London. I usually play a lot of "nice girl" games. This is the first time in I don't know how long that I spent all my time with a gun in my virtual hand running around shooting things, and I had a blast! So much fun in fact that it inspired me to get Fallout 3, where I'm once again a tough chick with a gun.

4. Watching Quantum of Solace and realizing that I still know the Bond cliches. I am a huge Bond geek. When I was in grad school TBS did a two week event they called Cyber Bond. They showed the Bond movies on TV, two a night, while running an online trivia game. I can remember rushing through my homework (I was still taking classes at the time) so I would have time for Cyber Bond each night. I was pretty good too! I made it to the high score leader board a few times :) I was not a huge fan of Casino Royale. I did not find the Bond character to be very believable as a hopeless romantic. Quantum of Solace on the other hand was much more the Bond I know and love. I loved the movie for itself, and for all of the Bond cliches.

3. Gaming nights with my friends. Game nights this year were dominated by Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero World Tour. Totally not a problem! All three are great party games. As I've posted before, I always have a lot of fun when I get together for a little video game jamming with my friends :)

2. Going to Dragon*Con for the first time. That was truly an experience I will never forget. Everything from the cosplayers, to the panels, to the dealer rooms, screamed "geek immersion". I got to go with my husband and my two bestest friends ever. I could not have asked for better companions. And Atlanta isn't that far from Pittsburgh, so there's a very real chance we can go back in 2009.

1. Launching Long Live Geeks! was born on October 14, 2008. I added SiteMeter in November, and since then we have had 526 visitors and 896 page views. Long Live Geeks has given me some great moments to be geeky. It has sparked some wonderful discussions with my geek friends IRL. I am excited to continue the blog in 2009 and see what happens next :)