Monday, December 8, 2008

They're baaaaack

Over the weekend my husband and I got to see Walking with Dinosaurs the Live Experience. I am now convinced that dinosaurs still roam the Earth. Okay, at least totally awesome reproductions of them do :)

The show is based off of the BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs. I had hopes that it would be closer to edutainment than a dinosaur free for all (Which also might be fun!), and that turned out to be the case. The only human participant is a paleontologist, who guided us through a tour of the Mesozoic Era. Along the way we got to meet a variety of dinosaurs in their natural environments, or at least simulations thereof.

My favorite dinosaur was the Brachiosaurus. First we got to meet Brachiosaurus junior. He had become separated from his herd, and was being threatened by an Allosaurus. The situation was looking grim when the mommy Brachiosaurus came to save the day! The Allosaurus was no match for such magnificent creature, and was soon scared away.

I found the dialog of the performance to be easy to understand and clearly spoken. The teacher in me particularly appreciated that the dialog contained proper terminology. I make an effort to do the same thing when I'm teaching. It's often easier to be lazy and use whatever words come to mind. However the learner gets far more benefit by hearing the correct and appropriate terminology as much as possible. It lays down a basis for communication on the subject, and for further study.

Walking with Dinosaurs gets a big thumbs up in my "if I knew what it was going to be like, would I still by the tickets" meter. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you like dinosaurs, then this one is a must see experience :)