Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tech Hopes for 2009

Another 9 hours and we will have survived 2008. As the clock ticks down, here are a few of my tech hopes for 2009.

1. Microsoft gets their act together and releases an operating system for those of us with a clue. Unlike many of my friends I have not abandoned windows altogether, and I won't because I'm a gamer and windows is still the biggest computer platform for gaming. I am however avoiding Vista like the plague. I'm still using XP, and my plan is to stick with it until Microsoft comes out with a viable alternative. My wants are simple: I want a stable OS, which runs quietly in the background. I don't need flashy menus. I don't want my computer to warn me every time I run an executable file. And I certainly don't want the OS to be a resource hog. Rumors are that Microsoft is going to push out the next version of windows sooner rather than later. I'm not convinced that they're going to get it right this time though.

2. We want Wii! More awesome Wii games. More Wii balance board games. Nintendo was struggled with the N64 and the GameCube. They're making a raging comeback with the Wii, and I would love to see them keep up the good work.

3. Do you think maybe it's time to do something about the energy problems? I'm not saying this is an easy problem. I would bet though that there are some great green energy solutions just waiting to be discovered. Something that would let us drive our cars, heat and cool our homes, and run our computers without using up every bit of fossil fuel on our planet. We need to think green energy. We need to think renewable energy.

4. Long Live Geeks! Long Live Geeks! This one's all on me. I want to continue to build a web presence for Long Live Geeks :)

Happy New Years, everybody! :)