Monday, December 22, 2008

A little web surfing, if you please.

Apparently even in this time of economic cutbacks, more companies are going green with their technology. One of the main motivations is cutting energy costs. Increasing regulations also play a part.

I think it is very cool that green tech is still getting attention in the midst of all of the economic chaos. I suspect some people out there are thinking that companies should have done this a long time ago, before higher energy costs motivated them into it. I agree, however, I'm not at all unhappy to see money as a motivating factor. Money is probably the biggest motivation for any commercial business in this country. If anything is going to start a movement towards greener tech, that will be it. I think we're in a great position to have a motivation that all companies can get behind, before we run the planet into the ground.

Switching gears a little, you may remember from my previous post that searching for deals online is one of my favorite pastimes. I was pleased to see Lifehacker's recent Hive Five, the five best sites for finding deals online. The number one site,, is one I had heard of, but not visited regularly.'s main feature is its collection of current deals. The main page has a list of coupons and deals, both online and offline. The list is updated daily with new deals. Deals which have expired are marked as expired. Slickdeals also has forums, a blog, and several shopping tools.

I'm not sure Slickdeals is the best site for finding a deal on an item I need or want to buy right away. It would basically be random luck in terms of if there is a deal available for it or not, where as sites like Fatwallet offer more consistent deals. On the other hand, sometimes I want something and wait to buy it until I do find a great deal. My guess is that will be when Slickdeals comes in the most useful. I'll try it out sometime and find out! :)