Sunday, December 14, 2008

King's Bounty Revisited: the Chest of Rage

My King's Bounty: The Legend post is getting the vast majority of my Google search hits. Most of those hits are searching for the chest of rage. So I'm going to write a post on the chest itself which will hopefully answer the questions people might have about it. The remainder of this post contains spoilers about unlocking and using the spirits inside the chest.

First off, what is rage? Rage points are similar to magic points, only you get them by killing monsters and taking damage. Rage points grow during the course of a battle. You can spend them once you have the Chest of Rage to cast spirits of rage spells. (And you need to have unlocked at least one of the spirits to use rage points, but we'll get to that in a minute.) Rage points do not disappear after a fight, but they do fade quickly over time.

Rage spells are what gives the hero (particularly for non-mage heroes) a big advantage over the NPCs in the game. They allow us to cast extra powerful spells. The rage spells do not appear to be related to the hero's intelligence the way normal spells are. Instead the rage spirits grow in level as you use their spells.

The Chest of Rage is obtained by following the main quest line. After you've gone to the king's brother and come back, he will tell you to go fetch something from the Magic Academy. That something is the Chest of Rage. The academy itself is in Verlon Forest. It's not far into the forest. As soon as you zone in, take the right path. At the fork in the road turn left. The academy is just ahead on the left.

At the academy Master Trigius will (after a lengthy dialogue) hand over the chest. The chest immediately bonds to you. The king won't be too happy about that, but it's great for us! Once you have the chest, look at your character screen. The spirits appear on the bottom left. You can talk to each spirit and get hints about what it takes to unlock the spirit. I got the chest around level 7, and quickly unlocked 2 of the 4 spirits.

Sleem is the first spirit I unlocked. He casts poison damage spells. To unlock this spirit, go to the Menagerie of Stephan Hall in Greenwort and see if he has any royal snakes. If so, buy some and add them to your army. Then talk to Sleem again, and he will eat the snakes. Keep repeating this process until you have sufficiently fed Sleem, and he is free. If the menagerie did not have snakes, you'll have to get them from Marshan Swamp. When you zone into the swamp, take an immediate right into the bog. There are a couple of place in the bog that sell royal snakes. Remember that they have to be royal snakes, not just ordinary snakes.

I unlocked Zerock, the fire spirit, next. To unlock Zerock you have to fight his army. This fight is challenging, but not impossible. Make sure you have a full army and are full of magic points, and you should be okay. If not, well that's why they made save points :)

The third spirit, Lina, speaks of a battery which needs to be recharged. This cannot be done until you reach the dwarf land. I got there at level 13. Just after you get above ground in the dwarf land, you will see a big machine. That can recharge the battery of that spirit. Once you unlock Lina start using her spells immediately. She will level quicker than the others, but you do still need to make an effort to give her some exercise and get those levels.

The last spirit, Reaper, speaks of stopping time. I have not unlocked Reaper yet. I believe I need to get a bit further in the game to unlock him. I can't stay that I'm in a hurry ;)

I use my rage spells as much as possible. I can't think of a good reason not to. I get the immediate benefit of doing extra damage to the mobs, and the spirits level up with use. As the spirits level up they learn new spells (upto 4 per spirit), and their existing spells get more powerful or more efficient. When spells get more powerful they also take more rage points. Be careful not to allow a spell to take more rage points than your maximum rage. I couldn't use one of my rage spells for a while due to making that mistake. When spells get more efficient the spirit needs less rest time between casting spells.

I hope this answers some of the questions people have about the Chest of Rage. If you have additional questions about King's Bounty, leave me a comment and I'll respond accordingly. People are also welcome to leave their own King's Bounty tips and tricks :)


Biz said...

The King's Bounty is much beter serial than HoMM. When I said that I refer to Amiga's Original King's Bounty from 1991, to The Legends and newly released Armored Princess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. I just worked out i could talk to the rage spirits and your post makes the whole thing more understandable.

Anonymous said...

Try this again. Having trouble posting...

I'm back. Freed the last rage spirit in the Dwarven kingdom. the king asks you to save his son in a castle in the mines. After a very tough battle to take the castle - speak to the guy in the castle, i believe it's the kings son, and he gives you a clock which frees the last rage spirit.