Thursday, December 11, 2008


I think the quintessential article of geek clothing is the t-shirt. T-shirts are low maintenance: the ultimate wash and wear garment. They are appropriate for all sorts of geeky activities such as Wii gaming sessions, shopping excursions at Best Buy, and even running Ethernet cable. And most importantly, t-shirts give us a way to express our geekiness!

I myself have a number of geeky t-shirts. Some are from events I attended such as the 2004 Everquest Fan Faire, and Dragon*Con 2008. I have several t-shirts from Think Geek with a variety of geeky themes. My favorites are the binary people shirt and the +20 shirt of smiting. And I have others from concerts, shows, M&M World in Las Vegas, and of course Hershey's Chocolate World. As you can see, t-shirts are one of my favorite souvenirs! :)

Recently though I became dissatisfied with my geeky t-shirt offerings. It seems that Thing Geek and other geeky t-shirt specialists tend to favor the color black. I don't mind wearing black, but I am not particularly a dark sort sort of geek. I'm more of a pink geek! With the occasional red and violet thrown in for good measure. So I sought out additional t-shirt sources, ones with more possibilities. I landed on Zazzle, a site which will let you put virtually anything on a t-shirt.

The first time I used Zazzle I was making t-shirts to give to some of my geek friends. I translated their names into ASCII. Then I translated the ASCII numbers into binary, and put the binary text on a shirt. I surprised my friends with their shirts a couple of years ago at Christmas. Now anyone who knows the "secret code" can address my friends by their names when they are wearing their shirts.

The next shirt I made was for me! It says (appropriately) "got blog?", in black letters on a pink shirt. In the future I plan on skipping the "white text, black shirt" look for more colorful options on Zazzle. It may take a little more work than just ordering the shirts from Think Geek, but they will be more personal as well :)

The best part of wearing geeky t-shirts is when I share a moment of camaraderie with a fellow geek. Someone will read my shirt and smile or laugh, and I get to return the favor when I see someone else wearing a geek shirt. So wear your geek shirts and share your geekiness with the world :)