Monday, November 10, 2008

Wii Fit Anyone?

My Wii is home! It came back to me late last week. I am totally impressed with Nintendo's repair service. The total cost, with shipping, was just over $82. I sent it off on Wednesday and it got back to me on Thursday of the following week. And the best part of all: I did not lose any save files at all! They replaced the drive in my original Wii. I had backed-up the Miis on a remote, and moved as many of the save files as I could to a SD card, but some of the files refused to move. I figured I was going to lose a few things. It didn't happen though :)

I got home today and decided nothing would suit me better than a little Wii Fit. The balance board is by far my favorite Wii accessory. I'm a regular reader of the Balance Board Blog. And I can't wait for more games to come out that make use of it.

The funny thing is, I almost didn't buy Wii Fit. At the time it came out, I'd just gotten a new bicycle. I was riding most afternoons, and I couldn't imagine wanting to do more exercise type stuff. It turns out that Wii Fit has been one of the games I've logged the most time on, on the Wii. At first I focused on the balance games. In particular I *heart* the game in which one must roll the balls (playfully decorated with Miis) into the holes on the table. I smiled every time one of my friends dropped in. I quickly branched out to the other parts of the game and I find many of those to be enjoyable as well.

I found that the Wii Fit addresses most of the barriers in the way of me exercising. I find it far more entertaining than doing workout videos. (Been there, don't want to go back.) I do not feel like I need to get all dressed in workout clothes or have a lot of energy. Many of the activities are just a few minutes long. I can do 1 or 10 of them. If I'm not feeling too energetic, I'll pick a handful of easy ones. If I'm in the mood for a more vigorous workout, I can get that too. Although I will say that if you're currently a gym rat, a Wii Fit workout would probably be trivial.

Like all great pieces of software, it also inspires me to make a wish list for the next version. I would like more activities. Even more versions of the activities this one has. The step aerobics for example could have 10 or more versions instead of 3. I would also like a way to set up a workout with several exercises in a row. Currently after each exercise you have to go back to the menu and choose the next one. I would like to be able to choose several exercises and go from one to another without interruptions. These things would be gravy though, the meat's already there. I continue to enjoy the game I almost didn't buy :)