Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Flies

The old adage is true, time flies when you're having fun :)

Friday night I had the opportunity to play Guitar Hero World Tour with my husband (Cyril) and our good friend Geoff. We had a lot of fun! We made a band with chars for all three of us. Geoff already had a character. Cyril and I made ours when we got to his house, and Geoff was nice enough to let us join his band, the Gaussian Elimination.

I started out on drums, and after the first set switched to the mic. Cyril and Geoff played guitar and bass, using one World Tour guitar and one from the original Wii version of Guitar Hero. The new guitar has some extra features, but the old guitars are still functional with World Tour. The first set I sung was from a backwoods Louisiana bar. Being from the south, I felt right at home! In particular I wanted to play that set for the second song, Willie Nelson's On the Road Again. I've loved that song since I was a little geek. We made it through that set, and unlocked one with began with Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer. Having sung Bon Jovi (Wanted Dead or Alive)in Rock Bandbefore, I thought this song would go rather well. I was wrong. World Tour was quite a bit less forgiving on the vocals, even on easy mode. Lucky for me we got Blondie's One Way or Another shortly thereafter, and that was much more compatible with my voice. I also had good luck with Paramore's Misery Business. I didn't know half the words. I still don't. But I managed to make enough noise in the right notes to fool the game! :)

After that I switched to bass, while first Cyril then Geoff took turns at the vocals. Cyril's shining (re: hysterical) moment was when he sang Freak on a Leash by Korn. I didn't know he was so talented! :) Geoff does not look anything like Pat Benatar, but he did an amazing job with Heartbreaker. Encores are a mystery until the set is over. Some went better than others. We found it particularly amusing when Geoff got Survivor's Eye of the Tiger as we had heard him perform this on Rock Band last time we played. He totally rocked that one :)

All in all we had a great evening. A little before midnight Geoff mentioned that he needed to get up a little early the next day, and I could not believe how long we had been playing. Both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band are great games when you've got a group of people together. Or I should say, a group of people with good spirits about these things :) We all had our moments of joy and those which did not go so well. (I should NOT try to sing Allman Brothers.) But it doesn't really matter when I'm dissolving into fits of giggles half the time :)

I do have one piece of advice for future World Tour players. If your singer has just put a piece of candy in her mouth, do NOT rush to start the next set! I almost got too hysterical at that point to finish chewing at all, much less in time to start singing! :)


Dennis G. Jerz said...

I didn't know I was going to see YOUR blog when I went to this address! I've added you to my RSS feed.

For some reason, music isn't really a big part of my life... but I recently blogged about music for geeks.

Anastasia said...

I thought it would be a fun surprise :)

You have the honor (as far as I'm aware of) of being the second person to have added me to their RSS feed.

Anonymous said...

Although you should cerainly believe anything that Anastasia says, I would like to jump in with further evidence of my Pat Benatar related skills. I currently have one of the top 10 scores on the Guitar Hero online leaderboard for Heartbreaker.

If only this were a useful skill that I could turn into profit . . .