Monday, October 20, 2008

They say the first step... admitting you have a problem. Okay, I'll admit it. I'm addicted to Mission: Impossible. The problem started when I got the first seasona year and a half ago on DVD. I picked the set up on sale, having no idea what havoc it would cause. It was Rollin Hand that really did it for me. How one man can have so many faces, no one knows! Just when the shine was wearing off, I began to notice just how much Barney Collier added to the team. His tech skills are to die for.

I began to ask for the DVDs from my family, and soon enough holidays had passed such that I had the first three seasons. I cherished the third season, as this was the moment in which we said goodbye to Rollin. I approached the fourth season with trepidation, wondering if the magic they had created for three years could continue. Luckily, the Impossible Missions Force was able to recruit none other than Lenard Nimoy to become the new man of 1000 faces. His rendition of Paris lacked Rollin's charm, but has is own dry wit. Most recently I've been engrossed in season five, where Paris has taken on a new more emotional tone. I anxiously await the last two seasons to be released on DVD as well, so my collection can be complete.

For all of you thinking: How can a show from 40 years ago have so much geeky charm? The answer is of course is in the Impossible Missions Force. After watching just a few episodes, I became convinced that the team are made of geeks themselves. Jim and his never-ending store of knowledge. Rollin's skill with deception. Barney and his tech. Willy's mix of brains and brawn. I could go on, but I think by now it becomes clear that no others than a team of geeks could pull off such intricate missions.

Of course it helps that people speak English in every small (and large!) country they venture into. And nothing ever goes wrong that can't be fixed in 47 minutes or less. Knowing however that the missions take place in a realm that I can only enjoy through a 2-dimensional viewing portal does not diminish their enjoyment. May the Impossible Missions Force continue on :-)