Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shake it, amigo!

I just finished playing Samba De Amigo, complete with the Wii Maracas! That is by far the funnest "out of the box" gaming experience I've had in a long time :) I've played quite a lot of music, and active sorts of games. The other one which stands out in my mind is Rock Band, which is a blast when I get together with a few friends. I can't imagine picking up the mic or sitting at the drums by myself. I can totally pick up the maracas and samba my way through a few songs without an audience urging me along :)

The challenge I have with drumming in Rock Band is that I feel like I need to totally concentrate on what I'm doing to keep up. It doesn't leave as much room for me to get into the music and have fun. I don't have that problem with Samba de Amigo! The rhythms are pretty obvious. Shaking the maracas at the right times feels natural, along with dancing to the beat. Every so often they throw a wrench into things in the form of a pose or a dance move, and I can't help but giggle as I hold out my arms in the required pose.

The maracas were totally worth it as well. The game would be fun without them, but not so real. This makes it real. I will say that the controllers don't really snap into the maraca handles. They just kind of sit there. If I were sharing the game with a young geek, I would rubber band or tape the controllers into place. I would also make sure I had enough room such that flailing maracas would not injure anyone. Okay, maybe I need to do that when I'm playing and my husband is in the room! :-)