Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm in geek heaven...

...and the angels look like video game characters :)

Yesterday I came home after work to find that my G1 had arrived! :) I don't know what all the fuss was about concerning the style. The thing is gorgeous. A tad longer and narrower than the T-Mobile Wing I retired. Shiny screen. Perky buttons. And even a track-ball clicky device in the center.

Moving on to the internal workings, the phone runs the Android operating system, which was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. I really dig this OS. My wing ran Windows Mobile, which I considered to be barely tolerable. I wouldn't buy an iPhone because of the closed nature of the architecture. (In short, once Apple sucks you in, they keep you forever.) And while I was a long time fan of Palm, they dropped the ball in the past few years. Android is right in place to pick up where Palm left off. They've made an OS perfect for hackers, which means we'll get lots of apps and utilities to pimp out our Android phones. Already there are a couple of neat ones in the app store. But I digress, the base OS is quite a nifty piece of software. The main screen has a notifications window at the top, which is brought down be a slide of the finger, and a menu at the bottom which comes up the same way. It is also possible to drag icons from the menu onto the desktop. The desktop itself slides left and right. Left has more free space, and right has free space plus a Google search.

The built in browser (a "lite" version of Chrome) is much snappier than the browser in windoze mobile. It had no problem parsing the sites I looked at. They also loaded faster, even though I'm still on an EDGE network, not 3G. Links worked with no problems. The resolution was higher, so all the text was a little on the small side. That may pose a problem for people with visual difficulties, I however found the text to still be sharp enough to be clearly readable.

This may seem trivial, but I think one of the things I'm going to enjoy the most is the extra memory. The G1 has more than twice that of the Wing, starting out. It also has a micro-SD slot (which came with a 1GB card). If the Android developers are worth their salt, they will make sure programs can be installed on the memory card as well as in the system memory. I filled my Wing up fast due to that being more or less impossible. (I'd read about registry hacks that allowed it, but not tried em.) Of course even if that is not an inherent feature of Android, Android is an open source system, so anyone could hack it to fix that problem. I *heart* open source :)

I don't know if this phone (or any phone for that matter) is an iPhone killer like they claim, but it's won its way into my heart :)