Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am blogging from my phone!

A week and a couple of days in and I really *heart* my G1. The biggest difference from my old smartphone has to be the browser. It renders web pages just as well as any desktop browser (minus plug-ins of course). I have not gotten an out of memory warning once. Granted I don't have broadband speed, but it's a noticable speed improvement over my old phone. And I've had no trouble following links or filling in forms, which I experienced limited success with on the Wing.

I would not want to write a dissertation on the keyboard, but it's quite comfortable for long text messages or short blog pposts. I also found myself growing accustomed to the mulit-faceted navigation system rather quickly. I was expecting a bigger learning curve there, as it often takes me a while to become comfy with a new interface.

The only place where the G1 was lacking out of the box was in the applications. I downloaded the first list program that showed up in the app store because I was finding that I couldn't live without some place to write things down. Luckily it was free, so I am not out anything when I find an app that better suits my needs. I also jumpes on the first few games that came out. Us geeks should never be without entertainment :-)

I am very much looking forward to experiencing the future of the G1. From what I've seen so far it has a great base. Things can only get better from here! :-)