Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*fan fair music plays*

Introducing Long Live Geeks, the blog edition :) Okay, so there aren't any other editions that I'm aware of. I still liked the sentence.

I'm your hostess with the mostess, Anastasia. I will be blogging about whatever strikes my fancy. I had originally wanted to name this blog "Life, the Universe, and Everything", but I decided not to be the nth person to rip off Douglass Adams :) Getting back on topic, you can expect a mixture of search blogging, tech commentaries, and other cool stuff.

Over the next few weeks expect the blog design to change from time to time. I'm still trying on backgrounds and layouts. I may even park my SO who has an eye for these things in front of my computer and get him to help me sort it all out.

For now though, welcome! And stay tuned for all sorts of geeky goodness :-)