Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family who?

I used to be a closet Family Guy fan. I thought the show was hilarious, but not particularly worthy of a geek such as myself. Too many of the jokes revolved around the bathroom and the size of Lois's boobs. Then my husband surprised me with the Freakin' Party Pack. As I worked my way through the seasons I realized just how geeky that show is. Now I'm proud to say I'm a Family Guy affectionate.

If you have never had the joy of seeing Family Guy, then you are missing out on all sorts of geeky goodness. Some bits are obvious, such as the Blue Harvest two-parter which recreates the original Star Wars movie. Star Wars also makes a variety of other appearances sprinkled throughout the seasons. My personal favorite is in the Mother Trucker episode in which Darth Vader appears as a meter maid. As well as the Blue Harvest episodes, others pay homage to movie greats such as the Road to series. Stewie and Brian go on their own journeys in Road to Rhode Island and Road to Europe. And of course North by North Quahog has many references to Hitchcock's North by Northwest. For the horror fans out there, Family guy turns Poltergeist into Petergeist.

My favorite moments though are not those which are so obvious. They are the little geeky references which seem to show up all over the place. As I've been typing this, the episode Chick Cancer has been on. In the beginning of the episode we have a Star Trek scene, with a Curb Your Enthusiasm moment in at the end of it. Chester Cheetah makes an appearance, high on orange cheese. Stewie reminisces about rooming with Q*Bert. And Stewie and Brian replay the "it's not your fault" scene from Good Will Hunting. I could go on, but I think I'll just enjoy the rest of the show :)