Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can you see me now?

I spent a good part of Friday evening working on the blog layout. I played with Blogger's existing layouts. I changed colors. Moved widgets around. And before too long was into the HTML. Had they written the blogs in C++, I'd be zipping around in the code in no time. Alas, my HTML skills are a little rusty. I turned to various sources for tips and tricks, and much to my delight, most of the information about Blogger was available on... blogs! :) Why does that delight me? Well, I *heart* recursion, and that's about as recursive as it gets :)

So now I have a hacked version of the dark dots layout. What do you think? I may still fine-tune things, but overall I'm happy with it. In particularly, I wanted something that took up a little more horizontal space. Monitors and laptops are all going widescreen. Vertical is out, horizontal is in. It seemed to be a wise and geeky decision to go with the flow.

My next blog goal is to get some content up here. Stay tuned for posted on: geeky grocery lists, Wii Music, Samba de Amiga follow up (Are the hard levels really as hard as they say? Soon I'll find out!), and a retro-geeky post on Mission: Impossible, the TV series (They geeked out in the 60s too!) :-)